About Fred’s Signs

A visit to Fred’s Sign Company isn’t like a visit to just any sign shop. Not only are you going to receive the most knowledgeable sign service around, you will likely be drawn, as most are, to one of the most extensive collections of sign and sculptural art. Since 1958, Fred and his wife, Marilyn, have owned and operated their art gallery and sign business in downtown Oklahoma City, where Fred makes you see through a wide variety of techniques by working in oils, watercolors, glue-chip glass-etching, woodcarving, airbrushing, and water-based clay. Their son, Skip, runs the computer-generated division.

Fred’s talent as a sign artist was developed many years before the “quickie sticky” shops became popular in the 80s. The difference is he can do everything they do, as well as the most artistic. Born and reared in Thomas, Oklahoma, he developed an early love of nature and wildlife. Attending school with Cheyenne and Arapaho Native American students inspired him later in life to sculpt North American Indians. Other varied images are brought to life and emerge through his water-based clay, such as the Twelve Disciples, seen on display at Oklahoma Baptist University.

From Downtown Airpark in Oklahoma City, airplanes would fly home to all corners of the world. Australia, Saudi Arabia, Columbia, France, and old Mexico would welcome their aircraft characterized by Fred’s masterful craftsmanship. Corporations from across the United States display his work. State government has also used his talents on many occasions.

Fred and his family have been satisfying clients for over 50 years from simple banners for local Chesapeake to airbrushed Learjet graphics for famed-rocker Jimmy Buffet. The most noticed traffic stopper was Egan Enertz’s plane, a Commander 980, flown in from West Germany. Fred’s widely-networked reputation brought this special opportunity for him to work his magic through graphics and airbrushing talents. Mr. Enertz had searched worldwide for someone to bring to life his vision of the universe painted on the midnight-blue body of his newly redone Commander 980. The end product was a design of the planets, as if the sun were at its tail. His work detailed the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, plus the Milky Way and galaxy of stars scattered all over the aircraft. The finishing touch was a rainbow wrapped around the fuselage and wings. Others have recognized his artistic genius and flair as demonstrated by his work for Conway Twitty, Dean Martin, Jr., nicknamed Deano, and the well-known James Brown.

The sign shop is often a beehive of activity where artisans gather for sharing of ideas and techniques. They come from all over the United States through Fred and Marilyn’s friendly invitations and warm hospitality.

So, you are invited to call this modern-day Rockwell artist and challenge his capabilities with your unique sign or art request. Or pay a visit to his unique art gallery only an artist sign painter would dream up and see for yourself why Fred loves breathing life into his multidimensional artistry. A member of the Oklahoma Sculpture Society and the Central Art Association, Fred and his staff are sure to please.