3D Lettering and Logos

Unlimited fonts, styles and finishes, including metals, and the aging look of patina, can all be explored to create the look and feel you want. Fred’s portfolio includes a wide selection of letters and artwork for enhancing any background.

Sandblasting uses fine grains of sand to “blast,” or etch, your design into a variety of surfaces. The result is a more consistent, “frosty” effect than what is seen with glue chipping.

Glue chipping is a process that occurs after the glue is carefully applied and, while drying, “chips” out the glass, resulting in a more textured appearance.

Each process produces a gorgeous look to any door, window, tabletop or other item made of glass, aluminum, wood or stone, captivating to any office or home with the help of Fred’s craftsmanship and attention to detail. Come in and see the difference in these techniques for yourself.

Gallery coming soon