Fred’s Signs Services & Specialities

Fred creates seamless designs that appear as if they’re floating on the surface on which they’re drawn. Wood, vehicles, metals, antiques, windows, mirrors, canvas, walls, clay, stone and more have all displayed Fred’s work. Images appear realistic, with clean edges that emerge from Fred’s skilled hand.


Meetings, holidays or events get special attention when announced with a banner. Fred can help you do it in an eye-catching way. Drawing from his 50+ years’ experience, call on this family-owned operation to help you showcase your message that’ll grab your audience.


Choosing vinyl, stick-on lettering and graphics for signage, decals, logos, artwork, and much more can often result in a quicker turnaround. Whether you visit with Fred, Marilyn, or their son, Skip, who specializes in this area of the business, your needs are met with the same great care as if done by hand. The result is speedier, without skimping on quality.


Fred etches in a number of materials such as wood, stone, aluminum and glass. Sandblasting and glue chipping are two techniques he has mastered over the years. The two are processed differently, thereby giving each its unique, striking appearance.

Sandblasting uses fine grains of sand to “blast,” or etch, your design into a variety of surfaces. The result is a more consistent, “frosty” effect than what is seen with glue chipping.

Glue chipping is a process that occurs after the glue is carefully applied and, while drying, “chips” out the glass, resulting in a more textured appearance.

Each process produces a gorgeous look to any door, window, tabletop or other item made of glass, aluminum, wood or stone, captivating to any office or home with the help of Fred’s craftsmanship and attention to detail. Come in and see the difference in these techniques for yourself.


Many clients have come to Fred by recommendation on this technique alone. Fine-tuning this skill for over five decades, Fred has earned a reputation for being an expert in gold leaf. His work has adorned many banks, attorney and doctors’ offices across the Oklahoma City Metro and beyond. Surface gilding and water sizing are two of the processes Fred has mastered to create this stunning look.

Surface gilding is the application of gold leaf on the surface, rather than on the backside, often done with glass. Because of its placement on the surface, it can be accented with mother of pearl, abalone or handspun gold.

Water sizing is best described as having the ability to see your reflection in a mirror of pure gold. A sophisticated process, Fred remains one of the few artisans around still doing it.

Gold purity can range from 10 karat to 23 karat and have burnished or matte centers. Fred also offers silver and platinum leafing, too.


Whether choosing from wood, stone or sign foam, each of Fred’s carvings is done by hand, creating a one-of-a-kind, three-dimensional design. Some woods don’t require a finish. Carving through basswood, mahogany or walnut, for example, allows Fred to preserve their beautiful grains without compromising their natural beauty. Stone and sign foam can also be used to create your customized sign, logo or bas relief.


Let your firm stand out with lettering and graphics for your office doors and windows. Keep it simple or make it decorative with Fred’s handiwork. You may instead wish to choose vinyl lettering or get creative with window perf. Either way, your customers will know who you are. Updating or creating a new frontage sign is another way Fred’s Signs can help you compliment your place of business.


A collection of oils, watercolors, acrylics, landscapes, wildlife and more are on display in Fred’s art gallery, located inside the shop. You’re welcome to stop in and experience the originality of this award-winning artist. Prints are available, too.


Custom striping, pin striping of decorative panels, and recreating your design following a vehicle repair are all offered at Fred’s Signs. The shop works with many body shops, auto dealers and vintage automobile owners in the area to help you achieve the result you want.


Hollowing out deep grooves in wood, stone or sign foam takes the work of a steady, skilled hand to create this look rich with character and dimension. After Fred completes this process, your new piece can be painted with color, or simply clear-coated. Either way, the beauty that emerges from the woodgrain, or in the veins of the stone, make it an indoor or exterior design that your guests will surely notice. Fred can also use smalting to accent your piece.


Fred’s art gallery is comprised of a diverse collection of water-based clays, oil-based clays and stone. His love of nature and western art can be seen in the details of his works that include wildlife, cowboys and Native Americans, yet his artistry extends beyond those borders. His busts of the twelve disciples with Christ and Paul are on display in the library at Oklahoma Baptist University. Other biblical figures can be seen while walking through Fred’s gallery – with no appointment needed. There, you will witness magnificent detail in some of the best original art around.

Call on Fred to sculpt your next dream piece. All water-based designs are fired in a kiln, while the oil-based are fired in bronze, painted to your specifications, or unfinished, if desired.


Unlimited fonts, styles and finishes, including metals, and the aging look of patina, can all be explored to create the look and feel you want. Fred’s portfolio includes a wide selection of letters and artwork for enhancing any background.


Take your show on the road! Mobile advertising has come a long way, and with nearly 25 years of experience in this specialty area, Fred’s Signs can help create your unique design to wrap around your “wheels” and take it with you wherever you go. You can spice it up with window perf for extra flair, if desired.